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When planning your schools prom night you are probably so busy following up payments and locking in chaperones that you may not realise the effect it can have when your prom date is shared with another school in the UK.

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The disadvantages of planning a prom on the same night as another school can affect you in the planning stages, and can significantly affect how the night runs for your students. This is because there are only a certain number of prom limousines, prom venues and other prom products and services available in the UK, and if every school needs them at the same time, on the same day, someone is going to miss out.

However, there are plenty of weekends in the year which are perfect for prom night, so instead of risking your rival high school getting back at you for winning the premiership by leaving your students with no limousines for their prom night, work with us here at to find a prom date which is free, and on which prom limousines, venues, hairdressers and photographers are in turn free too.

Another disadvantage of planning your prom on the same night as another school in the UK is that you run the risk of some of your students missing out on a special evening with their special someone. If your students invite their boyfriends or girlfriends who attend a different school as their prom date, someone may be left dateless if the proms fall on the same night.

So this is why we have designed this website, to specifically avoid the clashing of prom dates as you plan your school's prom night to allow for choice on the most important night of your students' young lives. For more information about getting involved with or to start utilising our services right away, contact us now.

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